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Some unknown band from a sleepy CA town wrote the most awesomest, catchiest rock song EVER?

Classic rock. Completely passé but isn't it one of our most treasured guilty pleasures? Just when you'd think that literally ALL, of the great classic rock songs had been written, somehow ... decades after it stopped mattering ... some unknown band from a little known suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area had to go and blow our minds with a song straight out of pop heaven and send us all into listener's bliss. I'm not really sure which decade this song really belongs in, but it's definitely a throwback classic.

From it's opening refrain, "Even though I'm broken hearted / It's a shame that we parted / Sometimes love don't hit its target / But we were just gettin' started," you're hooked. You don't know if it's a Queen song, Chicago, or Journey, but you know it's great. You're singing along, kinda self-conscious and embarrassed at first but having enough fun that it really doesn't matter. The song goes on to yearn over a lost love from youth and then proclaims to find and reclaim that one ... perfect ... love - no matter what. I'm hardly a romantic, but I have to say that it did make me think about a few of the boys that I let get away and secretly hope that they were still thinking about me.

Noti Prountzos, a Greek God of bass playing
Yeah, I'd want him in a kissing contest

After a few glorious choruses and verses and the obligatory rock guitar solo, the song breaks down into almost creepy repetition, "I really miss you, girl / I really miss you, babe." I say "creepy" because "Every Breath You Take" by the Police is one of my favorite 80's songs. Some people say it's creepy but I've always interpreted it as romantic and sweet.

Martinez, CA isn't well known for many things although it was the birthplace of the Martini drink and home to famous naturalist John Muir (Earth Day is usually on his birthday) and baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, but don't discount this insanely catchy single by a little known rock band, The Red Cobras. Once you download or stream this song, you and all your friends will have a blast singing it all summer long with the top down in your parents'

old convertible.

I hope all my girls out there will have fun with "Just Gettin' Started" by the Red Cobras. They're completely unknown so you can have them all to yourself. Kisses!

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