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14 Rock Bands You NEED To Hear Live

Since technology and social media platforms have emerged, the spread of music no longer relies on concerts. Why stand in line for hours when you can have music on your speakers in ten seconds with Spotify? Well, we here at wtfsup think that there is something extra in concerts that cannot be satisfied with headphones and a music app. There's something in the experience of a concert. Think we're wrong? Go see these 14 bands live, and you'll discover what you've been missing all this time. Whether it e a

1. Radiohead

2. Green Day

3. fREEX

4. The Black Keys

5. AC/DC

6. Guns and Roses

7. Arcade Fire

8. Nine Inch Nails

9. Bruce Springsteen

10. Metallica

11. KISS

12. U2

13. Rage Against the Machine

14. The White Stripes

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