What Do These 7 Rock Bands Have In Common?

Rock bands inspire people all across the planet. So it's no surprise that they inspire each other. But after researching some of the top rock bands of all time, like Green Day, Metallica, and the Grateful Dead, we started thinking, is there something in the water? The water of the Bay Area, that is. Rock culture has been fostered throughout Northern California's Bay Area almost as long as it's been alive. This culture means being surrounded with a creative and talented music-loving culture. These seven major bands are all from the Bay Area: how many of them do you know? 1. The Grateful Dead Hometown: Palo Alto 2. Dead Kennedys Hometown: San Francisco 3. Journey Hometown: San Francisco 4

Is Rock and Roll Really Dead? Here Are The Numbers

Recently, Spotify came out with an article called "Spotify Ranks the Top 500 Songs for Millennials." The article discussed how Spotify took a look at the numbers to see which songs people ages 18-34 listened to the most. In a world suffocated by popular culture, rock and roll is considered by many to be dead. We saw this article and it got us thinking - how many of these songs are rock songs? Is rock and roll truly dead, or is it still alive in the ears of new generations? We were surprised what we found out. As it turns out, rock and roll is still very much alive. In fact, of the songs millennials listened to the most, over 20 percent were rock songs. That means one in every five song

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