Top 15 Indie Bands Of All Time

If you like Indie music, you have probably heard most of these bands. But which of your favorites are the best of all time? These are 15 bands indie fans can't stop raving about, and bands that have lasted the test of time. 15. Pixies 14. Pavement 13. Neutral Milk Hotel 12. The Smiths 11. Sonic Youth 10. Modest Mouse 9. The Kinks 8. The White Stripes 7. Vampire Weekend 6. Radiohead 5. Nirvana 4. Arcade Fire 3. The Killers 2. The Strokes 1. Arctic Monkeys

17 Punk Rock Songs That Only The Best Fans Will Know

Click here to check out the playlist on Spotify for these obscure but totally punk songs. 1. Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad by The Clash 2. The KKK Took My Baby Away by The Ramones 3. My War by Black Flag 4. Subliminal by Suicidal Tendencies 5. The Enemy by D.O.A. 6. Alex Jones by fREEX 7. John Wayne Was A Nazi by MDC 8. Train in Vain by The Clash 9. Radio Moscow by Kent State 10. Start Today by Gorilla Biscuits 11. Lover's Rock by The Clash 12. Working Class Hero by Green Day 13. Philosophy of the World by The Shaggs 14. Baby I'm An Anarchist! by Against Me! 15. At The Library by Green Day 16. Is There Something Wrong? by fREEX 17. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by The Ramones

14 Rock Bands You NEED To Hear Live

Since technology and social media platforms have emerged, the spread of music no longer relies on concerts. Why stand in line for hours when you can have music on your speakers in ten seconds with Spotify? Well, we here at wtfsup think that there is something extra in concerts that cannot be satisfied with headphones and a music app. There's something in the experience of a concert. Think we're wrong? Go see these 14 bands live, and you'll discover what you've been missing all this time. Whether it e a 1. Radiohead 2. Green Day 3. fREEX 4. The Black Keys 5. AC/DC 6. Guns and Roses 7. Arcade Fire 8. Nine Inch Nails 9. Bruce Springsteen 10. Metallica 11. KISS 12. U2 13. Rage Against the

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